Transit Systems Enterprise Agreement

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GIS technology is being used by hundreds of transit organizations as a tool to improve planning, asset maintenance and changing passenger needs in a growing list of activities. Esri launched the Small Transit Agencies Enterprise Agreement to reduce the cost barrier for small transit agencies. Now, small agencies can access the same software, solutions and training they need to boost urban mobility, improve services and reduce carbon emissions. “Let`s prepare for measures and a new agreement that will offer all drivers the best pay and conditions. Transit Systems hopes to keep drivers separate under two agreements. Together with all drivers, we select the best of the two expired agreements in Region 6 and present them bundled into a single agreement. This would be the best thing for all drivers. We are all here together, fighting against 13-hour workdays for split shift drivers and pension deficits. Together, we are tough and we will get there! “Where we are based (in Region 3), Transit Systems is the only bus company that has underpaid drivers working under New South Wales government contracts.

When negotiating the latest EA, managers Clint Feuerherdt and Doug LaMont said that what they could offer was the best thing they could do at that time, but promised that they would catch up for us in the next company deal. We will keep their word. Transit Systems employees under the Region 3 contract will need to receive a 5% pay raise this year to catch up with other companies. Let us build our Union figures on the farm. TWU is negotiating new company agreements with bus companies across New South Wales. Members are seeking to add industry standards that adequately support workers in terms of safety, compensation and working conditions. View operational data and other information in real time to improve operational efficiency Analyze, enter, visualize, and share data to improve your situational awareness. • Set standards for maximum travel times to enable realistic on-time trips and schedules Use web maps and real-time notifications to ensure your drivers know how and where to get the most out of your services to increase traffic and build brand loyalty.

“I`ve been unionized for 35 years and I love the career I`m in now. Coming together and communicating on the farm, strengthening the strength of our Union, will bring our aspirations and the industry standards we need at all levels. There is certainty in the numbers and we can make sure that management does not have them in its own way. The importance of the retirement pension is increasing for young drivers starting their careers, and older drivers should not be underestimated. You receive 9.5% of your normal salary, but it is not paid for overtime. How does it help years later? We have to get the value in super for all the hours we do. “A new EE binds Busways to a contract with drivers and allows TWU to protect workers` rights and prevent exploitation in the workplace and provide drivers with a better work-life balance. We are looking for a maximum of 12 hours per day for use in the workplace. Too much overtime at work can lead to fatigue and less time for family. I want the retirement pension to be strengthened because, like all drivers, I want to retire with dignity. The retirement pension of 9.5% is not a fair rate compared to the 15% we should receive in line with other public transport workers… Includes: 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Publisher, Network Analyst, Schematics, Workflow Manager and Data Reviewer Location Analytics allows you to use your agency`s information to analyze your overall performance in new ways.

Get a significant improvement in your service delivery, performance, and customer satisfaction with the power of location intelligence. Equip small agencies with software, training and data • Set standards for working hours and fatigue management “Negotiating a new EVALUATION is the time for us to make the cages vibrate. With the support of Mick Pieri and Nimrod Nyols at TWU, we shake the cages every time we face the direction at a table. Right now, we are in a terrible situation when it comes to security, pensions and the need for industry standards throughout New South Wales. You should be proud to be a union, talking to the non-unionized members of your shipyards to join us and strengthen our numbers and strength. Everyone benefits from the work Mick and Nimrod do at EA. • Establish standards that strengthen union power in a court. Analyze and visualize housing and employment densities, as well as overlay existing and projected land uses to maximize ridership and development goals. The Small Transit Business Agreement gives organizations access to key tools, applications and services that help them continue to implement a location-based strategy in their community.