Reseller Agreement South Africa

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15. Warranty 15.1. Warranties of DiaMatrix. DiaMatrix guarantees that: 15.1.1. Nothing prevents DiaMatrix from making and honouring its commitments under this Agreement; 15.1.2. it has the facilities, infrastructure, capacity and capacity to provide the registration service; 15.1.3. The provision of the DiaMatrix software does not and will not violate the intellectual property rights of third parties and DiaMatrix releases the reseller from all debts, costs, expenses, damages and losses suffered by the reseller for actual or alleged infringement of the intellectual property rights of a third party or related to the use of the DiaMatrix system, Reseller interface or DiaMatrix software, any new version, new version or documentation, or preserve its usefulness; 15.1.4. Registrars comply with all relevant policies, whether recorders or ICANN. 15.2. Limited Warranty. Contrary to what is agreed, warranted and subject to applicable law, DiaMatrix provides the registration service and reseller interface “as intended” and “as available”.

If this Agreement is not expressly stated and to the extent permitted by law, DiaMatrix makes no warranties or warranties of any kind with respect to the registration service and the reseller interface, and all warranties that exist implicitly or customary law are expressly excluded. 15.3. Reseller Warranties. The reseller guarantees that: 15.3.1. all written information and reports that DiaMatrix has made available or will provide for the purpose of making this Agreement available or that it will provide under this Agreement is true, accurate and not misleading in all essential respects, whether by omission or other means; 15.3.2. no prior assurances, guarantees or guarantees (orally or in writing) have been requested for the conclusion of the agreement, unless the agreement is expressly stated in the agreement; 15.3.3. by entering into this agreement, it does not violate an agreement in which the reseller participates; 15.3.4. has obtained the necessary consents from the registrants for the processing of the registrant`s personal data; 15.3.5. in good conscience, the use of the registrant`s personal data does not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties and is not violated. 15.4. Interpretation of warranties 15.4.1.

Each warranty is a separate warranty and is in no way limited or limited by conclusions drawn from the terms of any other warranty. 15.4.2. Any warranty is maintained and remains in force, regardless of the conclusion of certain transactions or all transactions provided for in this Agreement. 15.4.3. Any warranty is considered essential and an essential guarantee that leads the parties to enter into this agreement. The distributor undertakes to devote its best efforts to the sale of product license agreements, including (1) the provision of adequate and trained sales and technical staff to promote the sale and support of the PRODUCT, (2) the implementation of advertising campaigns and the promotion of potential users to stimulate the sale of the PRODUCT and (3) the creation and maintenance of relationships with potential and current customers. t. The relationship between the seller and a representative consists of rights and obligations arising from the law of the Agency as well as from the rights and obligations defined in the contract.

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