Lozan Agreement Terms And Conditions

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The division of the Middle Eastern provinces of the Empire between the three powers was recognized; other territories went to Greece and Russia and the territory that became Saudi Arabia was declared an independent state. The treaty kept the Ottoman government alive, but appointed Britain, France, and Italy to manage Turkish finances and limited the size of the army to 50,000 men. [7] Some people are reportedly arrested for war crimes. 3. For lines whose management is distributed under this contract, the distribution of vehicles shall be carried out by mutual agreement between the administrations which take charge of the different sections of this contract. This agreement takes into account the quantity of material recorded on these lines in the last inventory before 30 October 1918, the length of the track (including connecting tracks) and the nature and quantity of traffic. In the absence of an agreement, the contentious issues will be settled by arbitration. Subject to any agreements concluded between the Governments exercising powers in the countries separated from Turkey and the Governments of the countries in which the persons concerned reside, Turkish nationals over eighteen years of age residing in a territory separate from Turkey under this Treaty and having their habitual residence abroad on the entry into force of this Treaty; may opt for the nationality of the territory of which they are Aboriginal if they belong, according to your race, to the majority of the population of that area and subject to the authorization of the Government exercising power there. .

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