Office Subletting Agreement

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In accordance with the sublease agreement of October 26, 2001 (the “sublease contract”), the subtenant currently leases approximately 934.5 square metres of the 3,738 square metre rental area on the 5th floor of the 926 – 5th Avenue S.W. (the “Premises”). In recognition of a change in the use of this office space, the parties to the sublease agreement agreed to change the number of square metres the subtenant rents and therefore the amount of monthly rent that the subtenant must pay. The subtenant and subtenant here matter agree that the subtenant will begin renting approximately 1,495.2 square metres of space at a base rental cost of $13.00 per square metre or $1,619.80 per month effective July 1, 2004. In addition, the subtenant is responsible for his pro-rata (40%), part in the rental, including parking fees. This adjusted rent is valid until the termination of the sublease contract or the previous period when we hired Jamie Robotkin to help us find London offices for Whyte and Mackay. His know-how and his calm and balanced approach quickly gave me confidence. He helped deal with potential pitfalls and secured an office quickly and efficiently. I recommend Prime Office Search with all my heart.

Nick Garland, CCO, Whyte and Mackay… Looking for sublet offices? At Prime Office Search, we have a wide variety of flexible office spaces for all sizes and requirements of the business. Browse our online offices or call us on 08004337888 and one of our experienced advisors will help you find the perfect office space for your business. A sublease office refers to an existing business that leases part of the property to a new business (after permission from the lessor). The property can also be sublet by the new store to another party, creating a long chain of inmates and agreements. A sublease contract is a form that allows a tenant to lease land they have under a written contract with one landlord to another, known as Sublessee. The tenant who leases the space known as a subcontractor will handle negotiations, the verification of the applicant (with the rental application) and the assumption of the entire responsibility of Sublessee Lake. An office can only be sublet if the original lease has given the client the right to sublet. The tenant must have the written letter of authorization and the approval of the original lease or the original owner of the leased property. The original ownership of the office is also not sublet.

If the person signed the sublease contract, they have been given permission to use the office for the duration of the period mentioned in the sublease. If both parties want to change some of the provisions of the prime-leasing, then they will be in need of consulting the lawyer who can design a flexible document for them Jamie and the fantastic Prime Office research team in our office search.