Guarantor Joint Tenancy Agreement

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Defending the inappropriate influence of a guarantor is more likely if: It is best to carefully consider the warranty agreement and ask questions of the owner or agent if something is not clear. Once the contract is signed, the bond is bound by its terms and conditions. If your client signs the lease before the warranty contract is concluded, the guarantee contract must be made through a deed. If there is damage, make it clear which objects are damaged and how much they cost to repair or replace them. If they request it, you must provide a copy of an invoice, proof or estimate. If the surety does not pay, you must file a lawsuit in the regional court in the usual way. Any parent can be held responsible for all the rent, unless they negotiate an agreement that they only have to take care of the child`s share. As long as you have an income, you can be a co-signer, so the housing hand can be your child`s guarantee. Your credit history is irrelevant, and if you come from overseas, that is not a problem, since a co-signer does not need to be resident in the UK, a relative or friend may be from outside the UK.

If the tenant is late, you must assert a formal right in which you refer to the warranty and specify what you are committing to. A guarantee contract must be signed in writing and by the guarantor. [2] Electronic airtime is permitted. [3] A written exchange of emails may constitute a written agreement if it is signed by the surety or by a person authorized by the surety. [4] Make sure you and your guarantor are satisfied with what you have accepted. Your guarantor should speak to the landlord if he or she does not want to remain responsible beyond the end of a fixed-term lease. Before you sign anything, you need to be aware of your role in the treaty, and for that you need to know what a guarantor is. In short, a rent guarantor is someone who signs the contract with the tenant and thus agrees to pay the rent, damages and all other unpaid bills for the duration of the lease if the tenant cannot pay himself.

For more information on what a rent guarantee is, why it is necessary and who can be guarantor and who, please read our special explanatory article “What is a surety”.