Apwu Ms 1 Agreement

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We have received hundreds of emails expressing your frustration. Thank you for your comments and thank you for continuing to contact us about this and all MaintStaffing@apwu.org maintenance issues. If you have an urgent issue to discuss between visits, please contact us by phone at (202) 842-4213 or email Assistant Director B, Terry B. Martinez at tmartinez@apwu.org. The parties will meet as soon as the “entry” of the post office for three selected sites has been collected and completed. UsPS and APWU will continue negotiations for the foreseeable future. The agreement between the parties is summarized as follows: Maintenance Craft Agreement with USPS Resolving Line H Dispute05/19/2017 – The Postal Service and the Maintenance Division of the APWU signed an agreement solve a national level dispute in e.a. H of Form 4852 (Q15T-4Q-C 17274095). In the case, it is the “determination of compliance with point 6 of the TL-5 agreement of 9 July 2014.” The Post Office filed this dispute to challenge the results in this matter, on the basis of […] Summary of Prices: Adjudicator Goldberg found that the postal service`s revision of the MS-1 manual was not contrary to section 34. It also decided that the revision was not contrary to section 19 by giving the local government more latitude to adapt the preventive maintenance times and frequencies of MS-1; and that it did not violate section 19 with respect to the transfer of maintenance work to stations and branches from building maintenance to maintenance organization. However, the question of whether the MS-1 revisions, which deal with (a) preventive allowances and maintenance frequencies and (b) space improvements and other working time allowances, are contrary to section 19, has been remanded in custody by the parties. As part of this pre-trial detention, the postal service has been ordered to make available to the Union all data and analyses of data collected by the audit team, relating to appropriate compensation for: (a) preventive maintenance periods and frequencies; b) Adaptation of space and other work.

As this exchange of information did not result in an agreement, one of the parties was able to ask the arbitrator to reopen the oral proceedings. A copy of this comparison is available on the maintenance vehicles page of the APWU apwu.org/departments-divisions/maintenance website. At the end of the day, we looked at the issues in pre-trial detention and the implementation of the new process. The February agreement provides that allowances and staff frequencies will be agreed and integrated into an updated MS-1 and existing MSOs. On February 10, the director of the maintenance workshop, Idowu Balogun, and the Post Office signed the implementation of the adjudicator Goldberges Award on POstplan Custodial Staffing (APO/RMPO) facilities in the case of Q10T-4Q-C 15206030. The outstanding issue in implementing the award was the repatriation of security cleaning to the MAINTENANCE department`s POStPlan facilities. In the transaction, the parties agreed to determine whether a contract cleaning service can be used in an administrative post office […] On September 13, 2017, Adjudicator Goldberg remanded in custody the MS-1 Nos review case. Q10T-4Q-C-14171644/ Q10T-4QC- 16481407 return to APWU and USPS for dissolution.