Special Trade Passenger Ships Agreement

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These are primarily technical rules relating to the safety aspect of passenger transport by passenger boat with special and higher traffic, for example. B transport of people. It is a ship that transports a large number of unmanned passengers to special factories such as pilgrim traffic in a limited maritime area around the Indian Ocean. This agreement enters into force six months after three contracting governments signed this agreement without reservation to challenge the acceptance or filing of instruments of acceptance or accession with the Article V Organization of this agreement; provided that at least two of these governments are state governments in whose territory ships are registered for specific trades or whose nationals are transported on ships carrying these activities. In addition to certificates for all vessels, passenger vessels must bear the following certifications: this agreement may be amended by unanimous agreement between the contracting parties of the governments. formulate, in accordance with these regulations, the general rules that impose minimum safety standards applicable to the particular circumstances of these transactions; These vessels must meet the requirements of the convention for passenger vessels, subject to changes and additions under the rules attached to this agreement. In accordance with the provisions of the 1971 Special Agreement on Merchant Ships, a safety certificate is issued for passenger vessels in special trade (International Conference on Special Commercial Ships, 1971 – CCR 71, Regulation 6). It is above all a question of transporting large unmanned passengers to special trades such as the pilgrim trade. A special trade liner means a mechanically powered ship with more than 30 special passengers. Passenger vessels subject to Chapter I of SOLAS 74 and operating on fixed lines must, in the event of an emergency, have a plan of cooperation with the appropriate search and rescue services. The vessels covered by this agreement are passenger vessels engaged in special professional activities and registered in countries whose governments are contracting governments of the 1960 International Convention for the Protection of Life at Sea (`the Convention`) and vessels of that agreement, as well as vessels registered in areas to which the application of the Convention has been extended in accordance with Article XIII , and the application of this Convention has been extended in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 1, of Article 1, paragraph 1, in accordance with Article 1, paragraph 1.

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