Client Agreement Binomo

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How long does the check with Binomo last? The time it takes to verify documents submitted by the user by the company`s security service is governed by the customer contract and, in accordance with paragraph 1.4, is no more than 10 working days. If specialists need additional information, this time period can be increased to 30 working days, but no more. Binomo is a licensed trading platform that offers services to traders in strict compliance with international law. The verification of participants in financial instruments is mandatory and is generally necessary to ensure the proper security of the trader`s funds. Therefore, do not treat this procedure as a rejection of a claim to withdraw the benefit. If the client has provided all the necessary documents, there will be no payment problems. Customer ID – a customer`s ID, z.B. an affiliate link or any other identifier set up by the trading platform to confirm the relationship between the user and the Affiliate. I want to give my money back. To return the frozen money, please contact our email ( or chat support service. Checking Binomo does not require significant effort on the part of users. To confirm your identity in most cases, simply provide a high quality photo of the dissemination of a civil passport or ID card (aadhaar card if you are from India). It is important to understand that the lack of verification or the customer`s refusal to provide company employees with the necessary documentation is reason enough to stop providing services to the distributor.

Paragraph 1.8 deserves special attention. In accordance with the above conditions, the customer of the Binomo trading platform should be willing to provide company representatives with notarized copies of documents attesting to actual location, registration address and identity. If refused, the request to take money is rejected. It is interesting to note that such measures are rarely used by the platform. Traffic – the total number of affiliated customers who visited the site By clicking on the box “I have read and accepted all the terms of the affiliation agreement” when registering an affiliate account, the affiliate declares understanding and consent to all the following terms of the agreement. 11.8. This Agreement is the most complete and definitive description of all the conditions of cooperation between the Affiliate and the Negotiating Platform and replaces all written or written opinions or debriefings.