Cascade Aerospace Collective Agreement

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Membership in Cascade means a future with a team of professionals engaged in a dynamic aerospace and defense company with a standard to offer quality services and quality products. “Skilled aeronautics and space workers are in high demand. Treating them unfairly while reducing performance will only create conflicts that will disrupt production,” he said. A 48-month extension contract, which will take effect from March 31, 2014 to March 30, 2018, was signed in August 2014 following a work stoppage during the negotiation phase. Negotiation duration – 6 months. The current collective agreement expired on October 31, 2010 and the parties will be negotiating today in Sidney, BC, all week. Contract negotiations began in February last year, before the collective agreement expired on March 30. On May 13, unionized workers voted 98 per cent in favour of strike action, and last Friday the union served the company with 72 hours of strike action. Unifor Local 114 members working at Cascade Aerospace in Abbotsford, B.C., ratified a new three-year collective agreement on June 21.

Boehm said, however, that Canadian aerospace companies are working in a highly competitive environment and are looking for contracts around the world, in Tunisia, Europe and Southeast Asia. “Unifor members are essential to Canada`s aerospace sector,” said Jerry Dias, President of Unifor National. “Our members produce quality products that attract investment, encourage job creation in large and small communities.” Boehm said no new round of negotiations were planned while the company was open for discussions, and described the current situation as a “cooling phase.” We look forward to your application for current and future opportunities! VICTORIA, BC, January 16, 2012 /CNW/ – The Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) today served 72 hours of strike time at the negotiating table with Viking Air. The union has set a strike deadline for Thursday, January 19 at 12 p.m. Stay up-to-date on what is happening at Unifor and how the union is improving the lives of all workers in Canada. Subscribe to our Uniforum e-newsletter. . – Ben Boehm, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Cascade, said his company had not requested any changes or concessions to its current staff on issues such as pensions, benefits or leave rights. But the company has focused on issues of “operational flexibility,” how to make its aircraft hooks more efficient and how personnel are used, he said. The new contract includes, among other things, an increase in the cost of living for wages, a better language of health and safety, better planning arrangements and an increase in the number of workers for those working outside Canada. 1359704 Note: This summary reflects the information available at the time of ratification.

“Our negotiating committee has done a great job and they should be proud,” said Unifor Local 114 Plant Chair Steve Frank. “This treaty is a great step forward and builds on our hard work and solidarity.” “We will be working hard this week to reach a fair agreement, as a strike at Viking Air will completely disrupt production and further delay the delivery of many new Twin Otter aircraft, which are already below schedule,” McGarrigle said. Dismissal pay: Employees are entitled to a weekly salary for each year of service [previously accumulated after the increase in years of service]. Unionized employees include aircraft maintenance engineers, interior technicians, painters, maintenance, landscaping and sheet metal mechanics.