Affms Ii User Agreement

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60 8. AFFMS MANAGEMENT II User Profile Management An AFFMS II user is a person registered in AFFMS II who has different roles as a member and has assigned them a list of PASCodes. The roles assigned to an individual determine their level of access and skills within AFFMS II. Check the roll menu matrix to see which rolls AFFMS II users can handle. The type of registered user that the current user can create/manage depends on their current and available role. For example, a user with the current role of FIM FAC, UFPM and Commander can create/manage. While an FCC can create/manage UFPM and Commander users. Creating New Users To create a new user, change the current role in a role that has the user-managed function and read the roll-based access user matrix. In the Administration menu, click Manage User Profiles. 60 36 PASCode Search PASCode search provides a mechanism to find a group of people from their current passport. Select pascodes from the PASCode list. To select multiple pass codes, hold the “Control” button, the Ctrl key, and select the passcode.

The list contains the current user`s authorized passcodes. Click the Search button. 36 Page: 1 How do I have my own Vendor resources in ROSS? What am I supposed to do? How do I do that? 1. Ask for a new lender account on page 2. – Access to the NAP environment at 73 Notification Management The AFFMS II app provides a mechanism to notify registered members and users of important events related to the application. These notifications are displayed by everyone who has access to the app and is present in the app`s dashboard. To create or manage app notifications, make sure the current role is admin and click on the notifications management element in the Administration menu. 73 65 Update existing user To update an existing AFFMS II user, change the current role to a role that has the user-managed function.

In the Administration menu, click Manage User Profiles. Enter the SSAN for the new user and click the Search button. 65 29 AFFMS II Disconnection To exist, unsubscribe, AFFMS II users must click on the opt-out link next to the My Role list. Easily close the Internet Explorer, browser, do not save the user from AFFMSII. The absence of AFFMS II allows the user to inadvertently induce Sysem-level problems in the areas of performance, availability and relaibality. A dialog box indicates that the user has unsubscribe and requested confirmation. After confirmation, another dialog box indicates a successful opt-out. This dialog box only appears for 3 to 5 seconds before disappearing. A browser dialog box is then displayed to close the window. 29 63 Select the desired user roles in the assigned rolls. Select the Create action.

To authorize and de-authorize PASCodes, select pasCode from the corresponding list and click either the Authorize or View button. Click the OK button in the change message 63 35 Search for a name Search The name search provides a mechanism to find a person based on their first name.